Can u have a rice allergy?

Yes. Rice allergy is unusual in the us but can occur in asian populations where rice consumption is much greater.
Unusual but possible. It is rare but allergies to certain types of grains is possible including rice.
Possibly. Unusual but can develop it. If within short period of time after ingesting rice one develops hives, wheeze, breathing troubles vomiting then this is possible. Also can get toxin poisoning from rice which can present with similar symptoms but if allergy will happen every time you have a serve of rice rather than once.
Maybe. It is very uncommon. Real allergy produces predictable, obvious illness whenever the food in question is ingested. Rise is especially rare -- in the old days, rice was used as the carbohydrate in elimination diets as almost no one was allergic to it.

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Is it possible to have a rice allergy?

Yes. Unlike many food allergies, rice allergy afflicts adults more often than young children. The incidence of rice allergy in the United States and europe is very low, because rice is not considered a staple food. In general, the more often a person is exposed to a food, the higher the likelihood that the body becomes sensitized to it. Read more...

What is the definition or description of: Rice allergy?

Food allergy. Allergy to any food, in this case rice will cause symptoms of oral itching, lip or tongue swelling, hives, breathing difficulty and/or throat closure etc. Food allergy is diagnosed with clinical history followed by skin or blood test and that information helps establish the diagnosis and severity of the allergy. Read more...

Rice allergy with infant? Is that ok since whiteout says rice cereal is bad anyway?

RICE ALLERGY? Among the cereals when first intruducing solid foods, rice cereal is the safest. Mothers are advised to give cereals one by one to avoid allergy especially to wheat. During diarrhea, we give rice cereal to the diet. Read more...