Female 20 years old. And my height is 5'3 which I feel is very short. I want to grow more taller atleast 5'6 so could you please tell me some technqs?

Cannot be done. Once the epiphyseal plates in a person's bones have fused, the bones cannot grow longer, so additional height cannot be gained. These plates generally close in adolescence. It is doubtful that you would be able to gain height at this point. In the future, perhaps, surgical techniques could be used to increase height for cosmetic reasons, but these techniques are limited to treating fractures now.
High healed shoes. If you entered puberty the same time as your friends & your bone maturity is that of an adult there is little you can do to increase your height.A single x-ray of your left hand can be assessed for bone maturity.If >18y, you are done growing, if bony maturity is more like 15y you might grow more.There are no magic solutions if your growth centers are closed.