Does a baby's pacifier use affect teeth alignment?

Usually. In recent years, pediatric medical discussion on the use of pacifiers has focused on the ability of non-nutritive sucking (nns) to seemingly have the ability to reduce sudden infant death syndrome (sids). From a dental viewpoint, the use of pacifiers is recommended with caution as it can cause several changes in the way a child's teeth relate. Playtex ortho-pro has shown little orthodontic change.
Yes it can. Duration of use, intensity of the sucking can cause malformations and malocclusions which leads to changes in tooth alignment. Stop before age 5. If not corrected early it can lead to palatal expanders, braces, and sometimes surgery for correction. Make sure they see a dentist soon. Age 1 is the rec.
Less than thought. A pacifier is often falsely blamed for a high palate or tooth protrusion.The palate is genetic as is some of dental alignment. A thumb sucker puts more outward pressure on the upper gum than a pacifier, so any product that avoids thumb use in this way helps.