Should all diabetics observe a diet?

Absolutely! Diabetics are at increased risk for developing many other diseases and should follow a strict diet of meat, fish, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, olives, seeds. Diabetics should moderate intake of fruits, grains (oats, wheat, etc), and baked goods. Diabetics should avoid pasta, cereals, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.
Absolutely. It should not be called a diet but healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. This is the cornestone of management of diabetes. Eating high vegetable diet, less processed foods, staying on your feet moving and managing stress all help with good control of the disease. Medications only can fine tune this.
No brainer. This is a no brainer. Diet and exercise are the base of the treatment pyramid for diabetes. Without diet and exercise, all the other treatments are pretty much useless.
Yes. A healthy one. We used to recommend a specific diet for diabetics. Now the diet we recommend is the one we recommend for nearly every one. Eat more fruits and vegetables, more grains, leaner cuts of meat, smaller portions of meat, more fish, and avoid sweets, refined carbohydrates etc. Avoid fast food and junk food. The american heart association diet is a good example of this.
ABSOLUTELY! Diet is the cornerstone of treating and in some cases even reversing diabetes. Diet is best individualized with professional help, but emphasizing whole foods & minimizing starches (sugars, grains, potatoes, sweeter fruits) is a good start. Gabriel cousens md has done pioneering work on nutrition & diabetes and i strongly advise my diabetic patients to read his book there is a cure for diabetes.
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Absolutely! Dietary management of diabetes can provide significant results and studies have shown that even just a 7% weight loss can reduce medication need. I encourage all my patients to start by just examining what they are currently eating and then make a plan to weekly improve dietary choices over 6-8 weeks until they arrive at a diet they are comfortable with and can manage daily.
Yes but... Every person with diabetes should see a registered dietitian and preferably one that is a certified diabetes educator (cde) for individualized meal planning. The "but" is this...What you will find is that a "diet" for someone with diabetes is truly just eating healthy, which we all should be doing regardless of whether we have diabetes or not!
Yes. However, the diet may be different for different diabetics. For example, overweight type 2 diabetics should lose weight which often cures their diabetes. In almost all cases of diabetes decreasing the amount of carbohydrates will help you control your blood sugar.
Yes. Not necessarily a weight loss diet, but a healthy low to moderate carbohydrate diet if one is of normal weight. Naturally if overweight, then total calories also need to be restricted.
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Yes. The american diabetes diet has been developed over much time and research. In my opinion it is a great diet for everyone. America is undergoing an epidemic in diabetes and the ada diet is one way to decrease the risk of elevated blood sugars.
No Doubt. Type 2 diabetics is all about diet. If a diabetic indiviual has a diet high in protein and vegetables and low in carbohydrates, then their diabetes will be better controlled. The lower your weight, the less likely you will need medictaions to treat their your diabetes. Therefore an excellent diet is the best way in managing diabetes.
Yes, an eating plan. Certain foods that are high in refined carbohydrates such as sugar can make it more difficult for someone with diabetes to keep it under good control.
Yes. The current recommendation is for a consistent carbohydrate diet, meaning you eat about the same amount of carbohydrates every day. In type 2 diabetics who are overweight, calorie restriction may also be helpful.