I Have Red Itchy Spots On My Legs?

Several thoughts. May be a contact dermatitis including poison ivy or psoriasis (use otc hydrocortisone), fungal 'ring worm' or candidiasis (otc clomitrazole), folliculitis (may require rx antibiotics), or several other.. What have you tried ? Is anything helping ? Is it worsening rapidly (see your Dr). If nothing helps, please see your Dr..

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I have red itchy spots on my legs that started out on one leg a one spot on thursday that has traveled up both legs.

Itchy spots. Insect bites are a possibility(chiggers, bed bugs). Another is an allergic reaction to something that has come in contact with your legs but not the rest of your body. Have you walked near poison ivy or poison oak? Observe for any clues and you could take an antihistamine like benadryl(causes drowsiness) or claritin which is non drowsy. See your physician or a dermatologist as needed. Read more...

I've been noticing red spots on my legs. As the week gone on amount of spots increased. They're are non itchy and dry. There are few spots on my stomach?

Dermatitis. Sounds like you have some sort of dermatitis. Play detective and ask yourself if you changed anything lately, ..Soaps, detergent, etc? Get an examination, as skin dermatitis can really not be diagnosed over the computer and needs a visual examination and exam. Best wishes. Read more...