Where can I get a neomycin allergy test for my child?

Patch test. You can test skin products that could cause local skin reactions using a patch test. Place a dab of any skin product on the pad of a bandaid & place it on a place the kid won't mess with, like the back. You can check the site occasionally for any reaction & remove it after 24hrs. If no redness or blistering occurs at the site, its probably ok to use on the kids skin.

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Where can I get a patch test for neomycin allergy? I want the shingles vaccine but had a bad reaction to neosporin plus 10 years ago.

Neosporin. Discuss with a dermatologist trained in allergic reactions- neosporin has many reactions.
Derm/Allery. Most dermatologists and allergists perform patch testing. Allergists are also more likely to perform skin testing or blood testing when looking for allergy. Try your local dermatologist first.
An allergist. An allergist can test you and tell you if you have a neomycin allergy.

Tell me about neomycin allergy test?

Patch test. Involves placing a small cotton pad with neomycin onto the skin and taped in place for 48 to 72 hours. It may be a part of a commercially available patch test like true test. This can be done by many dermatologists or allergists.