Can I use eye drops as contact solution? I ran out of my contact solution. My eye drops can be used for contact lens wearers.

Not the same. Replenish your contact solution, as this contains all the necessay ingredients to clean, disinfect & store your contacts. In a pinch(because you have run out of your solution) you can place your contacts in the case with the contact lens friendly drops to keep them moist. Go & purchase solution then rinse, clean & store to disinfect. Wear glasses in the mean time. Put the contacts in the next day.
Need more info. Consult with your pharmacist. Some prescription eye drops cannot be used with contact lens and some can. He/she is the best person to advise you.
No. You can wear Glasses for a day and get proper Contact solution. The eye drop could be for various reasons and most commonly for Infection which has different purpose and PH and chemicals. As a rule you should remember to use proper medicine for proper condition. Just like Salt and Sugar are used appropriate places even if they appear similar at first glance!