How can I prevent type two diabetes?

Healthy lifestyle. Maintain a good weight, keep up the physical activity. Do not neglect strength training to increase/maintain body muscle mass. T2dm is strongly genetic, so sometimes the best of lifestyle measures cannot prevent it, but they will still make it easier to treat.
Yes, but... Weight, age and genetics make you vulnerable to type two diabetes. If you maintain ideal body weight you are much less likely to develop type two diabetes.
Weight loss. If there is a strong family history of diabetes, to some extent getting diabetes is inevitable. That being said, one can control when one gets it, putting off the disease for many decades. The key to diabetes is controlling weight and diet. Having lower abdominal fat, exercising 5 days a week, eating a diet lower in carbohydrates and richer in vegetables, fiber and the more complex carbs is key.
Yes. There are studies to show that a healthy diet with regular exercise (at least 150 minutes/week of moderately intense aerobic activity) and a >7% weight loss can prevent the progression of pre-diabetes to diabetes. Studies have also shown that a number of medications can prevent this progression of pre-diabetes to diabetes, but lifestyle changes outperform medications.
Healthy lifestyle. Leading a healthy active lifestyle with such things as daily exercise, a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains (as opposed to the "starchier" versions) and carrying a healthy body weight can help prevent type 2 diabetes.
Avoid obesity. Keep a good weight, diet, avoid sugars, and exercise, and you're doing the best you can. Beyond that, it's genetics.
Stay Healthy. Genetic predisposition aside, you can try to prevent type 2 diabetes through regular cardiovascular exercise, proper nutrition (small frequent meals with fiber included with each meal and limitation of simple sugars) and normal weight maintenance.
Healthy lifestyle. Good balanced diet, low carbs if positive family history, regular exercise, and stay within the normal bmi.
Exercise. The best preventative is eat properly, maintain a good weight, and most importantly exercise as often as daily, about 30 to 45 minutes. Some people are genetically as increased risk, so for those people, the above is the key to holding off the diabetes as long as possible.
Yes. Good healthy living goes a long way towards preventing disease. Diet, exercise and nutrition are key. Avoid all refined foods (oils, grain, and sugars), including limiting fruit juices. Maintain a normal body weight, and exercise on a regular basis (i recommend interval training programs). Obtain a nutritional evaluation and start a supplement program. And, have a positive outlook and enjoy life!
Diet/ exercise. The typical answer is eat reasonable diet, avoid obesity and veer toward foods with low glycemic index (fewer simple carbs and more protein and fiber). But the often neglected aspect to preventing diabetes ii is to exercise in a way that builds muscle. If you are continually building muscles throughout your life, they metabolize the sugar much better, often from the adrenaline of the workout!

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