131 radiation for thyroid cancer caused problems in my parotid gland. Fna reveals cyst AND tumor of partoid gland. What should I do. Remove or watch?

Benign tumor? Hi. I'm sorry about the parotid gland; usually the lemon drops during the therapy period prevent that. I am assuming it's not a malignant tumor, or your doc would have already told you it needs to come out (I've never seen sialadenitis from 131-I cause cancer). Confer with the ENT surgeon you're seeing about risks vs. benefits of removal. Good luck!
Discuss with Dr. We can't really advise about that since we are not fully familiar with all the details of your case. You should discuss your options with your doctor. It would be reasonable to get a second opinion, too. .

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I'm 27 years old nd I have growth cyst or tumor in both parotid gland nd on the floor of the mouth nd I'm so afraid that it cancer please help me?

2B brave act brave. Your real question is, "how do I get the courage to get it seen?" it is probably not cancer at your age and with this presentation, if so it's likely curable (we cure 2 of 3 today) but you're going to need to steel yourself and make a doctor's appointment. This is where your best friend comes in handy -- tell him/her, make the phone call, and ask him/her to accompany you. Cheers. Read more...