Headache. Motrin allergy. What will get rid of it?

See your doctor. Headaches can be caused by a number of possibilities. These include hormonal fluctuations, dehydration, muscle tension, sinus/allergy issues, infections, migraines, tumors, and a number of other medical issues. Best to see your doctor to narrow the cause.

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I have a headache going on 3 days the left side of my neck hurts bad ne ideas how 2 get rid of the headache I've taken motrin-tylenol 3 tried evrythg?

Emergency department. If your headache is the worst you've ever had and going on 3 days then it's time to go to ed. You are 33 years old. Your past medical history may help but you need to be seen if you are not any better. Tension headaches should be gone by now. Hope this helps. Read more...