How to heal a swollen ankle?

?injury. If it's a sprain, rest,elevation,cold applications and,if you can take them,NSAIDS like ibuprofen are recommended. Don't resume normal activities until all pain and swelling subsides.
Swollen ankle. Hi. The more important question is - why is your ankle swollen? Depending on the cause of the ankle swelling will determine the best way to advice on the help of swelling. Are there other symptoms or just the ankle swelling? Any trauma to the ankle?

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How to heal my swollen ankle?

What is causing it? This is key to treatment. Is it from injury, poor venous or lymphatic circulation, kidney problems or condition? One this can be determined, proper treatment can be initiated. Read more...
Ankle swelling. Getting the proper diagnosis will then give you the best treatment plan you need. I recommend an exam if you are concerned! Best wishes! Read more...