I do have the results from the hospital and it also says kenny failure kidney disease but I'm puzzled why they didn't do anything?

Need follow up. Woild suggest call and make an appt with a kidney doctor (nephrologist) soon and have your blood work tested and followed by. A urine test is also essential. .
I am puzzled, too. Go back to the hospital or call them. They should have set you up with a follow up visit with a kidney specialist (nephrologist). .
Kidney failure. Hi KrystalM, many times it depends on what the kidney injury is from. There is a long list of things that can cause injury from medications to diseases to dehydration. In a lot of those cases supportive treatment is indicated and the kidneys can heal over time. Not knowing the case or the details, it seems logical to suspect that that is the case. Hope that's helpful. .
Kidney disease. More details needed - what are the actual blood test results. Did you have ultrasound?