Have herniated disc in my thorasic area and lumbar too. Lately have a leg muscle weakness. Walking but feel fatigued. Can this weakness sign of paralysis?

There can be many . potential reasons for your symptoms including neural or nerve tissue compression or pinching by a disc herniation that can present without any pain especially with a disc herniation in the thoracic area. One also had to realize that finding disc herniations in adults without any symptoms is not that uncommon. You should see your physician for an evaluation to assess your complaints.

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If I have herniated disc-no pain, will riding bike in the "aero" position lead to worse leg muscle weakness?

Herniated Disc. Not necessarily. It depends on whether there is any nerve compression and where, anatomically, the compression is located. Your doctor can provide better advice by performing an MRI of the spine, if he hasn't already. Unless you have had sciatica or a previous history of leg weakness, you can always try a bicycle run and see if it affects you. Read more...

30yrmale. Since6month leg muscle weakness (had vitD, B12 def).CKP is 184.feel fatigue in leg when I walk for 10mins. Is it Myopia? Will kidney get affected

Need more informat. WE need more information. It is not myopia and I doubt we have enough information but unlikely to be kidney involvement. Weakness can be vascular, neurologic problem or muscular to suggest a few possibilities. Your physicians will need to consider these and other causes. Read more...