Is it safe to have marcaine injections for anesthesia?

Generally yes. As long as you stay under the toxic dose, it's very safe. High doses can cause cardiac arrest. Your physician will know how to prevent this from happening. It's probably safer than most sedative drugs overall.
Yes. Marcaine is a commonly used local anesthetic in the dental profession where prolonged anesthesia is desired. Dentists and oral surgeons use Marcaine frequently for local anesthesia in the lower jaw for removal of impacted wisdom teeth to help control postoperative discomfort. As with any anesthetic, it is safely used when properly administered and with the correct dosage.
Fairly safe local. It is safe reasonably long acting , and popular local aesthetic drug.
Yes. Marcaine is a very safe local anesthetic when used correctly. There are some potential side effects when doses are too high or t is given intravascularly, but these are readily treated by a trained anesthesiologist.