I am a man of 45years and have prolong urinary tract infection with staph aureus. What drugs should I use to eradicate it totally? .

See your PCP. Total eradication with heavy duty antibiotics is the easy part. Hard part is how you got it and keeps recurring. See your PCP and need to discussion on STD and risky life style .
A culture and. Sensitivity is used to determine antibiotic choice, inexpensive usual test.

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What can I take for urinary tract infection with staph aureus?

Discuss with your Dr. Urine culture and sensitivity test should be performed to identify antibiotics that the staph is sensitive to, such as:- augmentin, cipro, (ciprofloxacin) levaquin, Erythromycin or in cases of very resistant organisms vancomycin or an other antibiotic. Read more...