My son will need hypospadias repair. How successful is such a repair?

Highly successful. Hypospadias is a condition that has various levels of severity-. Distal hypospadias (hole close to the tip) is easier than the more proximal cases (hole closer to scrotum) which can require two surgeries. Complications include fistulas and meatal stenosis, and rates are higher with more proximal cases. The penis will look normal, but it may take a few surgeries. Seek a pediatric urologist.
Repair is successful. Repair is generally very successful with a low complication rate. Cosmetic results tend to be excellent depending upon the severity of the defect.
Highly successful. Success rate of hypospadias repair by skillful pediatric urologist is very high, and the procedure is performed at or around 18 months of age.
Usually successful. Firstly advice is have a well trained and experienced pediatric urologist take care of the problem. Secondly, penis needs to of adequate size for repair which can be as early as age-6-months a& ideally by 12-18 months. Baby may benefit from penis enlarging testosterone treatment before surgery if penis is very small. Thirdly, may require staged approach if urinary opening is very low + severe chordee.
Dpends upon degree. That is on position of urinary opening, degree of chordee (ventral curvature) & size of penis. Results are also related to repair technique used and experience of surgeon. Complication free success rate with distal hypospadias repairs, both functionally & cosmetically is excellent. More complex cases, ie meatus at scrotum may require 2 stage repairs & can have complication rates of about 25%.