All of a sudden a grape allergy? Too much wine?

Probably not. New-onset, true food allergies in adults is not very common. It is far more common for adults to develop food intolerances, in which something in the food - a protein, carbohydrate, chemical or additive - doesn't interact well with your body chemistry. Discuss your symptoms with your primary physician or allergist to help figure out what's really going on and what you should do about it.

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All of a sudden a grape allergy. Can I have wine?

Would not advise. There have been associations of grape allergies with wine. The major allergen of grape has been scientifically identified as endochitinase 4a. Check with your personal doctor or allergist. Read more...

If I have a grape allergy, does that mean id also be allergic to wine?

You maybe! Chances are that you are allergic to wine, however, grapes can be associated with other allergens: pesticides, yeast/mold, and sulfites. They have identified the allergen for grape as: endochitinase 4a. Read more...