I'm afraid to do xray exam bcoz im afraid it will show atheromatous aorta because my LDL is very high 225mg/dl. What to do? I dont have dm2, not smoker.

You're a man, Jeff. We've just corresponded. You say you're 22 years old and have a LDL that's just a little bit high as far as the general public goes, that you've had an angioplasty and a stent, and now you're worried you may have atheromas? If your coronary history is as you present, you probably do, but they don't show on chest x-ray and aren't a danger. You need a relationship with a patient physician. Cheers.
You're too young. Your profile says you've had an angioplasty - I find that hard to believe if you're really 22? Regardless of your age, if you have coronary atherosclerosis, finding changes in your aorta on CT will not alter your prognosis or your treatment. Your anxiety is not justified. You're wise to be taking a statin (as noted) - you should take the highest dose of the most potent drug you can tolerate.