How does the media contribute to eating disorders?

Several ways, + & - Endless cooking shows & food commercials glorifying foods that are just not healthy, all the while saying they are. Diet & weight reduction commercials that are misleading, touting eat anything you want, take this, use this and lose weight fast. Doctored photos of obesity to gorgeous and sexy, in unrealistic time, doesn't help. Myriad ads of women (and men) silently screaming beautiful is thin.
Beautiful people. Everyone in the media is beautiful, and thin, with rock solid bodies. This makes us want to be the same, People in Hollywood also resort to crazy diets to lose a few pounds and we read about these plans and do it ourselves. Im sure there are changes in the brain when we try to be something we aren't, or try too hard to conform to standards set by others that may be unrealistic for the individual.
With Images. The medial may contribute to a person having a distortion of their body image after being inundated with images of people with fantastic bodies. These bodies as presented in the media do not represent the normal/common/average bodies we all have, so a person may develop a distortion of how they are supposed to look based on unrealistic images as portrayed in the media. Good question.