Can asthma cause lung nodule in non smoker 52 yr/F had chest xray april - negative, now chest xray july nodule showing?

No. Asthma cannot cause lung nodules. Make sure the nodule is confirmed with a follow-up test. Sometimes artifacts are interpreted as possible nodules.
Not asthma. Chest xray findings in asthma, depending on severity, are typically hyperinflation. Nodules seen on chest xray can be any numerous infectious or non-infectious changes and are typically followed up with a chest CT evaluation and pulmonologist evaluation.
No. Asthma is a condition in which the airways are hyper-reactive. The lung tissue, or parenchyma, should not show dray evidence of a nodule as a result of asthma alone. It might be advisable to see a pulmonologist for further evaluation.
Nodule. You need a medical workup starting with a tuberculin test an proceeding on to MRI/CT scan.

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Chances of lung nodule being cancerous in 52/f never smoker, had normal chest xray in april, then nodule show in july. She has history asthma & bronchitis.

Need not be a cancer. lung nodules can be of any nature. needs proper evaluation with a CT scan of the chest (with and without IV contrast) to begin, as it is new and showed up first time. . Read more...