Can men have eating disorders?

Certainly can. While more common in women, men certainly can suffer eatng disorders. They may be more uncomfortable about seeking treatment or talking to their doctor. Nonetheless they can suffer the same serious health consequences and can benefit from treatment. See: http://cpancf.Com/eatingdisorders.Asp.
Eating do. Although more common in females, males can & do have it.
Yes. Although eating disorders are much more common in young women, they can occur in men as well. If you want to exclude plain old obesity as an eating disorder, of course they are common in both but i assume you are talking about bulemia and anorexia nervosa.
Absolutely. The majority of individuals with an eating disorder are women; some 10% are men; the challenge is to get e.D. People into treatment; many have a distorted body image and believe their weight is fine or they may perceive themselves as overweight; in the extreme those with an e.D. Can die; family support is very important toward a successful outcome.
Yes. Although eating disorders in women tends to get more attention in research and in the media, men definitely have eating disorders too. As a matter of fact, we are seeing rates of eating disorders going up among men. For anyone - male or female, the best time to seek treatment for an eating disorder is early on in the struggle.