My foot that has tinea pedis doesn't sweat that much while wearing socks with shoes. Is that a good thing and my shoe is not infected?

Sure it is tinea? Foot eczema can mimic fungus. I recommend Zeasorb in socks and shoes to prevent fungus. See dermatologist for correct diagnosis and treatment.

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Have tinea pedis, wore socks and shoes only once since found out of infection. Does that mean my shoe has been infected already and how can you clean it?

Tinea pedis. Wash your socks in hot water with bleach if possible, if not, then just hot water. For your shoes, if you are concerned they are infected, (which would be unusual if you had socks on unless your feet got very wet/sweaty), you can spray any number of anti-fungal sprays that you can buy over-the-counter to clean out the shoes. Do this twice daily for two weeks.