Is benzocaine and antipyrine otic solution used for swimmer's ear?

No. The combination may give some local pain relief because of the benzocaine, but will do nothing to treat the infection. For that, one needs to use antibiotic ear drops--often combined with a steroid to help reduce inflammation.
It can be.... Used to help stop the pain/ discomfort. It is not used to treat the infection itself. Anti-fungal or antibacterial ear drops +/- oral antibiotics are used for treating the infection.

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Does antipyrine-benzocaine otic help for swimmers ear?

Not an antibiotic. So will no clear the infection. It may numb it but it may also irritate the ear canal more. See your doctor. Read more...

Can antipyrine and benzocaine solution be used for swimmer's ear pain?

Yes. This pain relieving solution can be used unless there is an opening in the ear drum, such as from ear tubes or a perforated ear drum. Read more...

What is antipyrine and benzocaine otic solution, USP used for?

Ear pain. This is a topical anesthetic used to relieve ear pain in ear infections. Drops are put in the ear canal and a cotton plug is then inserted to keep the medication from dribbling out. It can be used every few hours if needed. Read more...