What foods can I eat with barley allergy?

No Barley. As long as you have no other known allergies, you may eat anything you like just so long as it does not contain barley.

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What is the definition or description of: Barley allergy?

Grain allergy. Allergy to any food, in this case barley will cause symptoms of oral itching, lip or tongue swelling, hives, breathing difficulty and/or throat closure etc. Food allergy is diagnosed with clinical history followed by skin or blood test and that information helps establish the diagnosis and severity of the allergy.

I have a barley allergy confirmed with a blood test. Was tested for wheat, rye. Is it common for barley allergy to "standalone" or similar substances?

Barley allergy. Yes barley allergy alone is actually very common. I usually see 6-7 people a year with this allergy. Usually it causes itching alone (which can lead to eczema), recurrent urticaria (hives) and/or intestinal cramping with diarrhea. The hard part with avoidance is that many brands of flour are a wheat/ barley mix. So this calls for a lot of label reading and avoidance of things made with flour.