Does taking powdered creatine affect young teen health?

Do not take creatine. Creatine as a supplement has been purported to increase speed and strength in the young athlete. It has been shown to have only a very modest benefit for short bursts of activity but there is great concern about the potential for kidney damage as a result of its use. There are no long-term studies to show that its use is safe. Student athletes should not use it.

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Does taking powdered creatine monohydrate affect young teen health?

It can! Creatine supplementation is safest when used after puberty. Young bodies are still developing and are more susceptible for to strain and injury while using creatine supplements. They are also at a higher risk of kidney damage if they use it on a consistent basis. Teens may not use creatine responsibly and use should be closely monitored by an adult if used at all.