Had some symtoms of sepsis, 3 weeks ago blood test normal, have been fine since that one day was it something else, symtoms was heart rate, chills, head?

Not sepsis. It was probably a viral infection that your body was able to fend off pretty easily. Sepsis is a severe illness and results in hospitalization. Since you are fine now I do not think you had it. .
Interesting question. Many of the viral illnesses will have a viremic phase that will mimic the bacteremia of sepsis. Allergic reactions to a food or insect bite may also have some overlapping symptoms that make the origin difficult to pin down. Be aware of your exposures and vigilant about recording these findings.You may be able to identify the cause by history alone. .

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I have pulsatile tinnitus and have an upcoming MRI, MRA, and blood test. My heart rate is 70 bpm, but it feels like it's "vibrating." What's going on?

Wait for study . Pulsating tinnitus can be due to many causes. That includes nervousness as well as vascular causes. Your heart rate does not seem excessively elevated. Wait for tests to see what may be going on. By the way ultrasound of the neck is also a very good method to evaluate the vessels. Read more...