My friend had stomach stapling surgery and now has constant problems with dumping?

Diet changes. Dumping syndrome is not uncommon after gastric bypass surgery. Symptoms can usually be improved by avoiding foods high in sugar. But if that does not do the trick, there are medications that may help. Talk to your surgeon.
Not the surgery. Dumping after this surgery is most commonly from not following the dietary restrictions that were given. Many people are overweight because they decieve them selves on how much they eat and also do the same in regards to what they eat ("i dont' eat any fatty foods" after eating a doughnut).

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My friend had gastric bypass (stomach stapling) surgery and now has constant problems with dumping, gross.?

Yes one of complicat. Morbid obesity it self is a lethal disease if untreated. Gastric by pass several will have benefits, will lose weight, will be able to go back to work if they are not working due to disability, b p & diabetes will be under control or even cure, quality of life improves, how ever some will have untoward effects or complications due to by pass as you mentioned all patients will have this info.
Common problem. Dumping syndrome is a known side effect of gastric bypass surgery. It can usually be controlled with diet modifications. There are some medicines that can help decrease the symptoms as well if diet changes are unsuccessful. Have your friend check with her surgeon.

Why do people still get stomach stapling surgery?

It works. Bariatric surgery has been shown to be th most effective way to lose weight and keep it off long term. Stomach stapling is one type of bariatric surgery. It is far from an easy way out. Talk to a bariatric surgeon to see if you are a candidate for surgery. It is not for everyone and not all surgeries are appropriate for everyone.

Why would you choose a stomach stapling over a lap-band surgery?

Many factors. There are many factors that go into choosing the appropriate bariatric procedure for you. Such as dietary habits, if you are a sweet eater then a band might not be a good option. Do you have lots of comorbidities, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. If so then bypass or sleeve may be a better choice. Also how overweight are you? If you need to lose a lot of weight then band may be less favorable.
Wt loss, diabetes. You should consider all options (band bypass and sleeve). Factors include: amount of weight loss, diabetes, gastric reflux, and emotional issues. You can see a video on this comparison. Http:// Com/#/watch? V=8et4wd43mgo. In general, more weight loss, better resolution of diabetes and reflux with the sleeve and bypass over the band.

What is obesity surgery, the tummy tuck or the stomach stapling?

Not tummy tuck. The operations that are done for morbid obesity have in common a reduction of the capacity of the stomach so that the patient "feels full" with only a small amount of food. These include gastric bypass and lap band procedures. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) (abdominoplasties) are done to remove excess skin and fat of the abdomen and to tighten abdominal wall muscles stretched and spread, usually by pregnancy.
Stapling. Stapling is just one type of weight loss surgery. Tummy tuck is a contouring procedure which is meant to remove excess skin and tighten loose abdominal muscles. It is not a weight loss procedure. Good luck!
Bariatric surgery. "obesity surgery" is any surgery performed for weight loss, now also used to manage metabolic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Examples include "stapling" procedures like the gastric bypass, banded gastroplasty, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Adjustable gastric banding is in this category also. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure to tighten up the skin of the abdomen.
Not a tummy tuck.. Obesity surgery or bariatric surgery is done for weight loss and treatment of weight associated medical problems and includes the stomach stapling or banding. A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery done to remove excess skin.
Gastric Bypass. Tummy tuck surgery is more of a "clean up" operation after weight has been lost than a weight loss operation. Gastric bypass refers to a group of obesity operations...Called bariatric surgery. Stomach stapling is a slang term for an older operation in that latter group.
COMPLETELY different. The stomach stapling reduces your stomach size to make you feel full and limit caloric intake. It helps you to lose weight. It has nothing to do with removing loose skin or approximating your muscles which is performed in a tummy tuck commonly after weight loss or pregnancy.

Please help! What is the difference between gastric bypass surgery, stomach stapling and gastric band surgery?

Bypass and band. Lap band is the safest and is reversible which attracts a lot of patients, but failure rates are high, it is easy to cheat, weight loss is slower. Bypass is the gold standard, been around for 50yrs, results in the greatest weight loss, highest cure rates for diabetes, but has a higher risk. Stomach stapling can mean many different things. You probably mean sleeve gastrectomy, also good, the newest.