Swelling/pain in hands & where arm meets wrists, pain up forearm, elbow, back of arm, swollen spot top of shoulder, RA test -, started 1 yr ago, worried about deterioration, no rash, no warmth, some tingling?

Pain in hands/arms. This sounds very much like a connective tissue problem. Best to see a rheumatologist for further evaluation and work up. Also with the tingling, EMG/NCS (nerve) testing also indicated. Your provider will know what this means and what to do. Best of luck.
Pain all over. You might have Fibromyalgia which is a group of chronic pain disorders that affect connective tissues, including the muscles, ligaments , and tendons. The nerve is over active and causes this pain, cause is unknown. There are multiple medications to treat it. please see your doctor to r/o psoriatic arthritis. .

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A severe right hand pain for about 6 months. The pain is more in the elbow and wrist. C spine mri, aoeterial doppler ESR RA s uric normal.

See below. Was the MRI of your hand or your neck---would neck to know to fully answer. However; you may benefit from having a nerve conduction study on this arm which may determine what you have. Read more...