I have been on ptu (propylthiouracil) for 5 years now to treat hyperthyroidism. Is it time for other therapy?

Maybe. If your thyroid levels are normal on a fairly low dose of ptu (propylthiouracil), (propylthiouracil) it may be possible for your thyroid to work normally without the ptu (propylthiouracil). Stopping the ptu (propylthiouracil) would need to be done under the close supervision of your doctor. If you still need high doses of ptu (propylthiouracil) or the thyroid levels are still high, it probably is time to at least consider alternatives including surgery or radioactive iodine.
Other options. Ptu (propylthiouracil) is not without its side effects which would include bone marrow and liver toxicities. Grave's disease can only be cured by removing the thyroid gland either surgically or with radioiodine. Radioidine is a relatively safe and permanent treatment for hyperthyroidism due to grave's disease. Surgery has other potential complications. Please discuss options with your endocrinologist.

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How long till ur treated from hyperthyroidism? I hav been taking ptu (propylthiouracil) for 6 months now should I continue taking d meds?

Not sure. Usually the majority the patients will go on remisión after 1-3 years after the diagnosis, but there is also a large percentage that will need the medication for decades, very difficult to figure that out, the only way to know is by serial blood test in which we measure thyroid hormones.
Usually 12-18 months. Typically, people take thyroid-blocking meds like ptu (propylthiouracil) or Methimazole fro 12-18 months. Then the med is stopped, and thyroid hormone levels watched closely to see if hyperthyroidism returns. About 1/3 of people have it return as soon as med stopped, another 1/3 have it return within 2 years of stopping med. Usually surgery or radioactive used if it returns.
Usually 12-24months. But it depends on how over active your thyroid was to begin with, how quickly you responded and how much medication you need. Blood tests will tell if your thyroid hormones levels are ok. Generally I wait til someone has been within normal for a year, but sometimes i'll take them off sooner if they need very little med and levels are low side of normal.