What does polio oral drops prevent children against? Rotary wants us to take them.

Oral polio. The oral sabin (live)polio vaccine targets 3 strains of polio producing enterovirus. Unfortunately about 3 -4 polio cases /yr were attributed to the live opv. Today it is used mostly in the regions where it persists. The oral prep is easier to give to large populations in a mass event. I would avoid this vaccine if you are on any one of many immune treatment meds or chemo, clear it with your pcp.
Paralysis/polio. Polio is a virus which causes fever, headache, neck and back pain, and paralysis. Paralysis means the child or adult cannot use their muscles. They may not be able to walk or use their arm for example. They may have trouble speaking and swallowing. This disability may be permanent. Polio is not seen in the usa or europe because of vaccines like the one rotary wants you to take.
Shot is better. Oral polio vaccine has been phased out. It was associated with cases of transmission to other contacts, and occasionally caused polio in people with immune defects. The injectable vaccine is not a live virus, and cannot be spread to others.
Against Polio. In USA we do not use oral drops which is a live vaccine but is still used in the rest of the world.We use injectable polio vaccine and is given to children between the age of months and 6 years.