I can't smile due to two front teeth, is it worth the orthodontics?

If you need to ask.. ... it's worth it. You're obviously not happy with your appearance, right ? A terrific smile and happiness with your appearance goes a long way in bolstering your confidence and self esteem. Go for it !
Funny front teeth. Judging on the emotion brought into your question, it seems like the two front teeth are causing you so much embarrassment. It looks like you have already done research on how to correct the malformation. If orthodontics seems to be the the best treatment, by all means, go ahead and have it done. You will feel a lot happier and more confident about yourself. Your friends await your pretty smile!
Beyond a doubt. You said it, "i can't smile..." how sad. But this is so resolvable. Find the best orthodontist you can and fix your smile. If your teeth don't look right, they don't work right. If you see 2 teeth that are crooked, there are probably many others. Fixing your smile will also improve your function. It's one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Go for it.
Most assuredly. any time a person can improve their self esteem the treatment is beneficial.
Yes. Having your 2 front teeth in place will make your smile look so much better. If you are not happy with your front teeth, and you can't smile, that is a sign that you need to seek help, and your orthodontist canbe the person helping that you will feel confident about your smile. For additional information, contact our office at auroraorthoperio.Com, we could help finding a local orthodontist.
If you want change. If the two teeth make you not want to smile, you probably should do something. If the teeth are positioned poorly, but are ok otherwise, orthodontics could be a great answer. If the teeth are discolored or damaged, sometimes crowns or veneers could solve your issue. If you have poorly positioned teeth that are also un-esthetic, you may need to align them orthodontically first, then crown/veneer.
YES! Orthodontics can be the most important investment you make in your mouth. It will transform your appearance, giving you confidence and will release your smile.
Absolutely. Orthodontics can not only make your smile as good as the movie stars, but make it more likely you will pay attention to your teeth with routine cleanings and daily brushing and flossing.
YES! The esthetics of a smile are very subjective. The importance of an appealing smile are many-fold, however each person has different preferences. Orthodontics can make a significant difference in self-esteem, perceived beauty by others, and of course a correct bite can be of much value to dental and overall health. Go ahead and smile with uneven teeth, it is always good to smile.
Absolutely. The best way to know how to get the smile you want is to visit your local orthodontist. If you have a space between your teeth or if they are crooked an orthodontic evaluation is for you. It takes a little effort, time, and investment....But it is well worth it.
Front teeth. If you don't smile because you don't like your smile then braces will totally be worth it! when someone has a great smile they exuberate confidence.