Who can do an endodontic procedure?

Endodontist. Even though any general dentist can do endodntic procedure. I would recommend to see an endodontist, which he specializes in root canal and go to school for 2 extra year.
Depends. Many general dentists can treat teeth needing endodontic therapy, provided the case is not difficult. An endodontist is a specialist who has advanced training and usually have treatment microscopes that are useful on difficult cases. They only do endodontics and so are very efficient and able to treat difficult cases.
Dentists. 80% of endodontic therapy (root canals) are completed by general dentists. A general dentist may provide all services that a endodontist provides. When a case is complicated, time consuming, is difficult to diagnose, or for a variety of other reasons a general dentist may send a patient to the endodontist who likely has more experience with more complicated root canals.
Dentist. General dentists can perform root canal therapy. However, some general dentists refer their patients to a root canal specialist known as an endodontist. Oral surgeons also perform some endododontic surgical procedures called an apicoectomy when a previously treated root canal treated tooth may continue to have a problem.