How harmful is passive smoking?

Definitely. Good pediatric studies showed direct correlation between passive exposure and marked increase incidence of ear infections, colds, sore throats and asthma. Yusuf erskine do.
Same as smoking. The risks may be lower, but they're the same as smoking. Heart disease. Lung cancer. Emphysema. The list goes on.

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What are the most harmful health effects of passive smoking?

Cancer and Brochiti. Most harmful effect is causing increased risk of not only Cancer of the Lung but also Breast Cancer, and chronic cough due to Chronic Bonchitis and COPD And many others.

Effects of passive smoking?

No such thing. Smoke that enters your lungs or even oral/nasal passages has multiple toxins that are absorbed. Second hand smoke in some cases can be more dangerous but cigarette smoke still causes damage over time no matter the route or the manner of its intake.
Same as smoking. The risks may be lower, but they're the same as smoking. Heart disease. Lung cancer. Emphysema. The list goes on.

Is passive smoking a true concern?

Yes. I've autopsied two wives who've died of typical smoker-style lung cancer though they were non-smokers whose husbands love cigars. Smoking in the home greatly exacerbates kids' asthma. It is totally obnoxious to non-smokers. Some political claims (i.e., that it kills 50, 000 Americans yearly) are obviously not true, but it's still a real problem.
Yes. Passive smoking causes same problems as with active smoking. Increases risk for children to get bronchiolitis, frequent flare up of asthma, risk of COPD, etc.

How is passive smoking worse than smoking?

Not, but it's bad! The dose of inhaled smoke by passive smoking is much smaller than for smokers, but the impact may be relatively greater. Still, there's no debate, while both ways are deadly, direct smoke is more deadly.

Why don't parets suffer from passive smoking?

They do. I assume you mean parrots. Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems, and are prone to upper respiratory infections from many of the same germs that human beings are. Birds, particularly parakeets and canaries, but also parrots, have increased numbers and severity of respiratory infections if they are in a home where people are smoking indoors.

How passive smoking affects our daily living?

Toxic cloud. When you're around smoking smokers, you are inhaling from the unfiltered end of their cigarettes. Besides the aesthetic impact (makes you stink, ruins clothing, walls) the health impact is dramatic. Ask smokers to lay off when you're around. Most will do so willingly or reluctantly.

What to do to protect yourself from passive smoking?

Leave & HEPACharcoal. Since most of the effect is from microscopic toxins inhaled into lungs, must promptly (a) leave the area & don't breath in while leaving or (b) don a respirator hepa filter activated charcoal mask, available at many hardware stores. Conventional masks are totally inadequate. If you can still smell the slightest trace, you know the strategy is inadequate. While inconvenient, what's more important?

How is passive smoking worse than smoking for a child?

See below. It's not that it's worse. It is that children do not smoke, we hope. The dangers of second hand smoke include more frequent colds, asthma exacerbation, and respiratory irritation. There can also be risk of cancer with second hand smoke exposure. Certainly, the smoker has more exposure.