Will an uncomplicated abortion cause ovarian cancer?

No. There is absolutely no known relationship between the two issues. The lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is very small and there may be genetic reasons but no risk from the procedure.

Related Questions

Does abortions cause ovarian cancer I had six abortions in between six live and healthy children?

That's a lot. Six is a lot of abortions, but sometimes we have to abort and destroy a baby fetus in order to prevent giving birth to a baby with genetic mutations. One's body does not get a higher chance of ovarian or breast cancer from abortions. A woman has a lower chance of these cancers if she spends more of her life being pregnant and breastfeeding afterwards... so having six kids can be a good thing. Read more...

Can ovarian cancer be caused by enviornmental factors like chemicals?

Possibly. We do not know the precise answer to this question. However, it is reasonable to suspect that there may be a relationship in some cases at least. For instance, we know that women who have tubal sterilization for birth control are at decreased risk of developing ovarina cancer. It is thought that this may be due to blocking of environmental chemicals from reaching the ovary through the tube. Read more...