How do I recover from hostility?

Glad you want to... Psychotherapy would be the place to start; find a good therapist; engage openly in the process. Much psychological/emotional relief is in store for you! good luck!
Forgiveness. You can practice forgiveness -- not to justify others' hurtful deeds, but to free yourself from the recurrent and painful experience of hostility. Remaining resentful saps energy from your life. Forgiveness involves letting go of your hostility, moment by moment. You may also have some old areas of pain which need healing, and working with a psychologist can be life-changing for you. Take care.

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How do I recover from hostility against coworker?

See below. Need more info in terms of what happened and led to hostility. Was it work-related? In any case, civility and interacting only in terms of work-related matters might help. If you feel, you can't handle the hostility, see a counselor. Good luck! Read more...