Seizures mouth ulcers hepatocellular disease low blood count anticardiolipin antibodies 1:80 speckled ANA osteoarthritis spine Si joints LUPUS maybe?

Lupus, maybe. I think you may well be right. You should be under the care of a competent rheumatologist. A Coombs test would be in order to see if you have hemolytic anemia.
Possible but . . . . Please, have your doctors guide you through proper diagnosis and treatment. Sounds like you already have some tests done, which is fine, but you need a follow up to get the right interpretation and discuss treatment plan with the doctor. Lupus is very complex disease that tends to coexist and/or mimic other autoimmune diseases.

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Hepatocellular disease, seizures, low blood count, anticardiolipin antibodies, arthritis, rash on hands and numbness in legs. What does this all mean?

Auto-immune disorder. You have described features of auto-immune disorder. For example, a person with lupus could have all these features. You need evaluation and treatment by a physician in consultation with specialists in more than one field. Read more...