Face skin w/ red patches on both cheeks near temples and forehead, discoloration around lips, only during ovulation/period. Recurrent monthly. Plshelp

More information. Have you been on any birth control pill or hormone therapy that you have stopped recently? BTW Advil (ibuprofen) and Ibuprofen are the same medication, make sure not to take a lot of it as it could cause upset stomach, bleeding from stomach and kidney trouble. .
Premenstrual flush. Make sure to have your female hormone and thyroid hormone levels checked.

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2weeks & 6day since last period had unprotected sex during ovulation I have skight cramping an back pains head aches tiredness n mood swings pregnant?

NO. You are not pregnant. You have to miss 1 period before you do pregnancy test by blood exams. Read more...
Possibly. Since period-like bleeding can occur during pregnancy and since ovulation can occur earlier or later than usual, you always need to consider possible pregnancy if you have symptoms. Read more...