Genital sores after unprotected sex?

Could be.... ..Nothing, or it could be everything. The only way to find out is to visit your doctor or local public health department and have testing done. Please don't have sex until you are diagnosed and treated; and protect yourself from now on!

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Is it safe to have unprotected sex with someone wo has genital herpes but no present sores? Can the virus be transmitted if there is no visible sore?

It is possible. Even in the absence of a "visible sore", it is unfortunately possible that the HSV remain present in an "asymptomatic carrier" who can therefore transmit the virus to a partner. Although you too may be or you can become an asymptomatic carrier, it is best to be safe: continue to "have protected sex" and take various precautions to keep sex enjoyable.

Can I ever have unprotected sex or perform oral directly on my gf who has HSV1 on genitals. In between outbreaks perhaps? I dont have it by the way.

See below. Gential HSV can spread even when there are no sores or outbreaks. Are you sure you do not have HSV 1? It is the common form of herpes that causes cold sore around the mouth. You may wish to get tested as it is likely that you have it. Condoms do not protect against HSV that well as the lesions tend to in areas that come in contact with skin not covered by a condom.

Hi I was wondering how easy it is to get genital herps. From someone. I had unprotected sex over the weekend and found out today that they have it. They claimed they haven't had an outbreak in some time and show no signs of one coming one. This is really

WRONG!!!! You can get genital herpes through genital-genital contact or genital-oral contact with someone who has herpes. The virus is most easily spread through contact with open sores, but you also can get the virus from skin that does not appear to have a sore. You can become infected with the herpes virus without having intercourse. Even if she didn't have lesions, she can still pass the virus on to u!

If I had unprotected sex with someone with genital herpes do I automatically have herpes?

No, but risky. It is concerning, as transmission can occur if there are/were any open lesions in the genital or oral area. If prolonged relationship, should talk to dr about antiviral preventive therapy.
It depends. It depends wfether she had active lesions, if so you have been exposed and you have to wait to see transmission risk from female to male is 4to5% annually and from male to female is 8to11 % you may take antiviral meds as well as it will reduce the risk.

What is the possibility of me contracting genital herpes after having unprotected sex with a woman genital herpes?

Hard to say. Asymptomatic persons can still shed virus (=potentially share it with you). Hsv2 can be transmitted by close skin contact as well. See: http://stdtesting. Com/how-many-people-have-herpes --for more information and helpful links.

Is it possible for a virgin catch a genital disease just by having unprotected sex (oral, anal or vaginal) with another virgin?

The risk. Is whether you are absolutely sure your partner is truthful when stating he/she is a virgin. And there is always the risk of pregnancy.