When can I feed my baby dried fruits?

Variable. It depends somewhat on the fruit (how chewy it is) and how well your child chews. Many toddlers do quite well with chewy soft raisins at 15-18 months for instance and others who cannot chew well for another year.
2-3 years. Babies are too young for dried fruits (babies eat pureed or mashed up foods, after age 6 months). Dried fruits are tough to chew, so a toddler who has baby molars and is actually chewing foods might be able to handle dried fruits. A younger toddler may just hold the dried fruit in his mouth for the sweet taste, and either swallow it whole or spit it out later (may be a choking risk sometimes).
3 years. Wait at least 3, preferably more, years, as they can be a choking/aspiration/foreign body in nose hazard.