What is the purpose of hearing aid if a hearing impairment along with dementia?

A dementia patient. Still needs to be able to hear the world around them. We navigate through this world based on the evidence of our senses. Imagine you were not able to hear. How would people be able to assist you. How would you know if someone was warning you of danger. How would someone be able to tell you the date and time? One of the mainstays of working with patients is to keep them involved in today.

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If you have hearing impairment, what is the biggest problem that you find with using hearing aid?

Hearing aids. Different types have different problems. They are uncommon. First get the fit right so it doesn't ring or make sounds improperly. Secondly carry spare batteries with you. Third, keep it clean and learn to use the tools right. Otherwise it just takes getting use to and overcoming any psychological issues that may arise from having them. They can be a blessing if you have the type of hearing impairm. Read more...