I am told my Glomerular filtration Rate is 57.6. Does this indicate Kidney disease? Creatinine is 1.0 BUN is 20 total Protein is 7.0

Kidney function. based on new formulas yes, sorry for saying this but you do have kidney disease. Which most likely related to age. Older we get, our body gets older too. Also depens (penicillamine) on your medical problems. I would encourage you to do a few things: drink more fluids, stay away from NSAIDs, see kidney doctor and if you take any medications let your doctor review them so they would not cause damage to your kidney.
No. Talk sensibly with your physician. A creatinnie of 1.0 is perfectly healthy even for a college girl. These eGFR's are subscientific -- for example, there's a special adjustment 'because black people are 25% more muscular than white people'. I'd urge you to stop worrying unless your urinalysis is abnormal or you can't concentate your urine or have symptoms.