What is the difference in appearance of scalp ringworm and alopecia? Can scalp ringworm appear like a normal unirriated bald patch on the scalp?

Sometimes difficult- It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between the two. Indeed, sometimes it can look like an unirritated bald spot. Usually you can see some scaly/crusty areas to the skin. If there is a lot of uncertainty and you really want a "for sure" answer, see a dermatologist who can do scrapings or even a biopsy to determine what is going on.

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Is my scalp ringworm bald spot suppose be blackish purplish?

Hard to tell. but blackish purplish is not typical of ringworm (tinea) infection . I think you need to check with your doctor if this has been present for more than 10 days or is progressing. Read more...