Recently had a nuclear stress test and results stated possible small focus of ischemia of the mid anterior wall. Ejection fraction 59%?

Ejection fraction nl. An ejection fraction the 59% means that the pumping function of your heart is normal. A "possible small focus of ischemia of the mid-anterior wall" can mean that when you're exercising not enough blood flow gets through to a small area of your heart. Usually a test result like that will lead to a cardiac catheterization to see if there is a significant blockage of an artery to the heart muscle.
Well... If you had the Nuclear Stress test because you were having chest pains, you must discuss with your cardiologist the possible need for an angiogram....
Small focus ischemia. Are you having symptoms? If it is only small area of mild ischemia then lifestyle modification such as diet and exercise and close follow-up may be appropriate. It is important to know the entire clinical history.