I've mild asthma, under control. Why shouldn't I take beta blockers to control mvp without regurgitation? I'm taking diltiazem.

Aggravates asthma. Most asthmatics have a form of albuterol inhaler (e.g. Proair, ventolin, proventil) for rescue use and many have salmeterol or formoterol inhalers. All these medications stimulate what is called the "beta-adrenergic" receptor (beta receptor for adrenalin) which causes the muscles around the broncial tubes to relax. Beta-blockers block the beta-receptors making asthma worse in many individuals.
Beta blockers/asthma. There are beta adrenergic receptors in the heart (beta 1), the arteries and the airways (beta 2). In the heart it slows down the heart rate. It dilates the arteries. These actions help lower bp. However, it can constrict the airways when beta 2 receptors are blocked, which can be problematic in asthmatics. Talk to your doc re cardioselective beta blockers, which do not significantly affect asthma.

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