My newborn is suffering from colic and nothing is helping now shes not taking much formula, should II switch? And how do I ease the colic?

Is it truly colic? Colic is a condition that usually does not occur prior to 2-3 weeks of age and ends by 3 months of age. It is often characterized by passing of excessive gas, difficult to console crying spells that occur later in the day lasting several hours in duration. Some relieving factors can be rocking, listening to certain sounds, eg vacuum. Discuss with pediatrician to ensure no other causes eg reflux.
Maybe not colic. Your question doesn't make it clear what the symptoms are. There are lots of reasons a baby cries. If your baby is genuinely not taking much formula, is not gaining or is losing weight, or is in constant pain, it could be reflux (heartburn) or it could be an intollerance to something in the formula or many other problems. You need to see your pediatrician. Now.