I had some teeth pulled saturday, how can I stop the bleeding?

How long ago? How long ago? A third molar or other tooth? These are important points left out of your question. Do you take a blood thinner? That may cause it to bleed longer. Remember, a small amount of blood looks far worse when mixed with saliva. Is the color red? Brownish? These are indications of whether or not it is ongoing or just normal post-operative seepage. Make sure you announce if you take coumadin (warfarin).
Black tea bags. You may want to try dampened black tea bags to stop the bleeding the tannic acid should help subside the bleeding. If that does not work return to your dentist and have it checked.
Tea bag/gauze. Direct pressure with gauze for 30 minutes. If it doesn't stop, use pressure with a wet lipton tea bag. If that doesn't stop it, contact your dentist.
Ice chips. Chew ice chips and call the person who pulled your teeth.