Any doctors out there who have tried sleep/activity/etc. Tracking devices and services (e.G., jawbone's up, fitbit, nike+ fuelband)? Thoughts?

I use fitbit. I've been using fitbit daily for over 2 years. During the day it shows my activity patterns, and allows me to use that feedback to modify the behavior. For example if I have not met my step goal by dinner time a postrprandial walk becomes more attractive. At night, the fitbit can provide useful information regarding quality of sleep. The web software allows for tracking of calorie intake andweight.
I have. I hope you are doing well with your fitness regimen. I would love to know your experience with the devices. Feel free to share in the comments or to dm me. Thanks for asking @drpam.
Imore & fitbit. I-more is a device by mediconsult monitors heart rate variability to reset body($4000). Fitbit is $99 which tracks daily calorie expenditure - the first one is wellness helps to reset body the second is for information need action on our end.