What is difference bettwen symptoms of benign and malignant ovarian tumor?

Not much. There usually aren't many symptoms to tumors on the ovary whether benign or malignant. Malignancy is associated with weight loss, night sweats and fatigue. .
Ascites of spread. When benign as well as malignant ovarian tumors incvluding cysts develop, the lesions are localized and essentially asymptomatic. The malignant lesion will of course spread to both uterus, the other ovary as well as omentum due to presence of TGF-b. Here vascular permeability factor is secreted with resulting ascites.
Should see Doctor. Until late in the course of a malignant ovarian tumor there are very few specific symptoms. With both malignant and benign tumors some describe a feeling of pelvic or lower abdomen fullness or in some cases pain with intercourse or during their period. If you suspect a problem I would talk to my primary care provider.

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I had a borderline malignant ovarian tumor that was mucinous. Would that mean it was pre-cancerous?

It's cancer but... On the other hand, it's not very aggressive. I hope it's out. Your gynecologist can tell you the odds of its staying gone for the rest of your life. Read more...

I was recently diagnosed with a 5cm borderline malignant ovarian tumor. Is borderline malignant mean it's not cancer?

It's cancer. However, it's unlikely to harm you. Different physicians may sugar-coat or say "barely cancer" or "not really cancer" but the bottom line is that I'm glad it's out or there's a fair chance it would have killed you. Read online about the statistics but if you were assured, "no spread", you've got 95%+ of it not killing you. Read more...

My dad's biological father was jewish. I had a borderline malignant mucinous ovarian tumor removed in 4/2013 that was 10lbs. Should I worry abt cancer?

Yes and no. Your cancer was of low grade yet it is not entirely worry free, as in some cases it does recur. Overall your cancer has very good prognosis in 80-90% of the cases. Your jewish heritage has no impact on this variety of ovarian cancer(it only affects the brca mutated type of cancers). Read more...