Hi, i'd like to ask about the lipo 6 fat burner is there any side effects?

No sub 4 exercise . These ingredients have not been fully evaluated by the fda -and clearly state that on the packaging. There is no substitute for diet and exercise.
Fat burners. Most of these products are in fact almost entirely useless. Virtually all contain caffeine and often, as in this case, synephrine, and a whole list of ineffective ingredients. Feeling jittery, shaky, upset stomache and difficulty sleeping are usually the most common side effects. Liposuction, low carbohydrate diets, and HCG are more effective, albeit costly, alternatives.
Garbage! Any product besides an incendiary device that claims to "burn fat" is a big fat lie! no such substance exists. Just mail your money to your favorite charity instead. It will have the exact same weight reduction effect! reduction in your pocket money! (you can just mail me your money too! i've got two kids in college and since you're interested in giving away your cash!).