Can I have lasik after cateract surgery and what are the risk?

Yes buy why? Cataract surgery is done with the insertion of a new lens which corrects most or all of the refractive error. So unless the eye healed with a strong need for glasses, you will probably not need adjustment afterwards. Lasik will not restore the accomodative ability of the eye (adjustment for near and far) but new multifocal lens can assist with this. Discuss with your cataract surgeon.
IOL Power surprise. Cataract surgery following lasik is no more risky nor complicated. What is more difficult is determining the best powered iol (intraocular lens) to insert to give you little or no need for spectacles or contact lenses after surgery. Having your old lasik records helps, but some patients will either need to wear glasses or have additional refractive surgery or even an iol exchange.
Yes. If you have residual prescription after cataract surgery, you can have lasik if everything else is normal. Risks include infection, need for enhancement, dry eye, glare and haloes, or other problems. Discuss this with a lasik surgeon.
Can be done. If cataract surgery has left an undesirable optical result, one option to fix it is laser vision correction (lvc). Some surgeons feel lvc is actually safer and more accurate than removing/replacing the implanted lens. Lasik or some variation of it can be done. Lasik complications can occur especially if the original cataract surgery did not go well! wise to get a second opinion before proceeding.